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Richmond BC is a city with a population of about 165,000 that is part of the Greater Vancouver Area, and is located on the Pacific Coast immediately South from the City of Vancouver at the delta of Fraser River. There are more than 100,000 jobs in Richmond BC, which makes the city the 4th largest employment centre in the Greater Vancouver area after the cities of Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby. The growth rate of the number of jobs in Richmond BC is about same as the average employment growth rate in all of the Greater Vancouver area - so Richmond BC jobs are likely to continue accounting for about 8-9% of the total number of jobs in Greater Vancouver. The Vancouver International Airport is located in Richmond BC's North-West end (bordering to the City of Vancouver), and many jobs in Richmond BC are concentrated in the industrial area surrounding the airport. Richmond BC is home to a sizeable East Asian community (primarily Chinese). Richmond BC jobs are dominated by Sales and Service Jobs and by Busines, Finance, and administration jobs. These occupational categories account for about 50% of all jobs in Richmond BC. Much of the labour force in Richmond BC is well educated, with 33% of residents aged 15+ having university degrees, and 56% having some form of post-secondary education. The majority of the city's working residents (56%+) are employed on jobs in Richmond BC (which is fairly unique in major North American metropolitan areas). High-tech employers account for a significant portion of the jobs in Richmond BC, as the city has managed to establish itself as a local high-tech industry hub. Richmond BC is home to over 800 jobs at MDA (McDonald Detwiler and Associates) - a major high-tech company that is head quartered here. Other major high-tech employers in Richmond BC include McKesson Medical Imaging (with 651 Richmond BC jobs), Acrohelipro Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services (450 Richmond BC jobs), Sage Software (alomst 400 Richmond BC jobs), Sierra Wireless (200+ Richmond BC jobs, also head quartered here), and many other.