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The city of Surrey is located in the Eastern outskirts of the Greater Vancouver Area, and is connected to the city of Vancouver through public transit (the Vancouver skytrain) and the Trans-Canada Highway. With a population of about 466,000 (as of 2009), Surrey is the second largest city in the Greater Vancouver Area after the City of Vancouver itself. There are about 210,000 jobs in Surrey, which is about 20% of all jobs in Vancouver (the Greater Vancouver Area). There are additional 53,000 jobs in Delta. Surrey is home to the second largest number of jobs in the Vancouver area, second only to the city of Vancouver (Vancouver metro). Jobs in Surrey are sometimes advertised being in Vancouver simply because Surrey is part of the Greater Vancouver area and is often seen as part of Vancouver - although administratively it is a separate city.

Jobs in Surrey are expected to increase their share of the total jobs in Vancouver (the Greater Vancouver Area), as Surrey's employment growth is projected to be the highest in the Greater Vancouver Area in the coming decades. Like in the Greater Vancouver Area as a whole, Jobs in Surrey are dominated by jobs in the Sales and Service categories which accounts for over 25% of all Surrey jobs. There are many business, finance, and administration jobs in Surrey as well - this category accounts for close to 20% of all Surrey Jobs. Of working Surrey residents, almost a third (32%) report working on jobs in Surrey. Of those, the majority drive to work.